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Survey - Home Educating in Secondary Years

A survey to investigate the issues surrounding home education at secondary age

I am a home educating mother investigating the issues that parents have when home educating their older children, that is those aged 11 and above, in the UK.

It seems that as the numbers of home educating families has increased, more parents are considering home education for their older children. While there is an abundance of websites and books about home education in general and about home educating younger children, it is harder to find material that is specifically about older, secondary school aged children. 

I would love to be able to redress that balance, especially to benefit parents whose children are unhappy at secondary school but who don't feel they have the confidence or the skills to educate them at home.

I have compiled a short survey, the aim of which is to collect some initial data which can be used to direct future research. If you are home educating children aged 11 or older, if you have done so in the past, or if you are considering withdrawing your children from secondary school, I would be very grateful of you could spare a little time to complete it. 

The survey is only about your older children. If you have younger children aswell, that's fine, but please don't have them in mind when you answer the questions!

The survey is completely anonymous, but if you are happy to be contacted later for more in depth discussion please do provide your email address at the end. This doesn't commit you to anything and you can change your mind at any time!

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the survey, or about me, before taking part, please email me at

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